Europecoins FINANCECLOUD API and BTXM Jointventure announcement, to present a full EUROPECOIN ATM integration on the FINANCECLOUD TOKEN UNIFICATION LAYER within 6 weeks

Discussion panel on the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 excerpt from Malta Blockchain Summit Live stream

Prototype presentation of the EUROPECOIN FINANCECLOUD API DEVICE in Malta

Our new hardware client for EUROPECOIN FINANCECLOUD API Release Date: 1st of Nov.ember 2018 at the Blockchain Summit on stage with the Minister-president of Malta follow us: .

Interview with our Europecooin Financecloud API manager Olöaf Breuer, who visited us from Portugal, to make our device ready for production

Update from my trip to Munich after paymentgateway meeting

from my trip to Munich, incorporating the payment provider company, about hardware progress, AVID partnership and coming release

see where we are and what we do about financecloud API about Europecoin .

Yet another explainer of FINANCECLOUD API, and a status summary of the project About us: About Financecloud API:

Today i report on developement progress in Financecloud API on Eujropecoin direct exchange into Euro, Gold, Silver, other Altcoins, an artikle on Nextcloud and more Links about us: NEXTCLOUD article: Exchange Crex24: .

TOPICS - first results from Gold & Silver partnership - progress Financecloud Apps - new shop solution and more LINKS: ALL ABOUT ERC PROJECT: Gold&Silver for EUROPECOIN/ERC THE MARKETING EVENT MOVED TO 3.2.2018:

This time we are talking about our gold and silver launch, to make you able to convert Europecoin into gold and silver. Then we will look into our hardware development and finally we will talk about our this weeks user advertising event ABOUT US:

this weeks topics: - Buy GOLD and SILVER - EUROPECOIN TOKEN for EUROPEAN UNION / EIF - FINANCECLOUD ... and more OUR FORUM: Gold and SILVER for Europecoin starting next week: FINANCECLOUD: .

A big retrrospective, what actually happend 2017 and where we are heading in 2018. Hints and more infos : PDF: Bitcointalk: .

This weeks talk about the ERC team structure, new European Commission tenders, the emerging concept for the EIF Europecoin integration for the European Union, our new Campaign Video and our four weeks hackaton in Poland RELATED LINKS tenders and the EIF: new campaign video: next hackaton .

after a long path of two years Europecoin managed to hit Brussels and to get a voice., This is the new campaign video to spread our mission. European Union Transparency Register: Strategic Paper: .

LIVE PRESENTATION, a view into my current developments - general understanding of the underlying container technology - first view on IOT and SMARTHOME INTEGRATION plus EU Commissions EIF preliminary confirmed cooperation in micro-loans sphere and agreed to consider EuropeCoin as the one of payment methods! plus STOCKS EXCHANGE RUSSIA confirms Europecoin integration to be public next week RELATED LINKS EUROPEAN EIF STOCKS EXCHANGE RUSSIA FINANCECLOUD API INFO EUROPE ROADMAP .


This week was about many small steps forward on multiple tasks. We started to enhance our broadcasting environment and set the path to extend the show, to include all of our additional projects and currencies, we are running. So we will from next week on, start to add (step by step), Bitcloud, Diamond. Bitsend and Bitcore, will add some guests, explain the relationships among our coins, their individual niches and why we are running that many coins at all.. In FINANCECLOUD API we are now getting our multiple developments together and are building a system, that is able, to give you an idea, about what we are building. Also we extended our relationships with fresh partners like Nextcloud and others. Related links: ColmoreFX "Learn to trade Forex and Crypto currencies with local experts" Nextcloud Financecloud API: Europecoin Android with Termdeposit Europecoin at COINOMI Wallet: EUROPECOIN


Related Links - the crypto lobby currency - buy anything for bitcoin - Financecloud API description - Europecoin Android with Termdeposit Topics: Europecoin Termdeposit & Soft-Cold-Storage Fourth major release development cycle Weekly News: Financecloud API hardware device. server & cloud security lessons partnerships & services


This week: 1) What we learned from our first attempt to apply as an advisor at the European Commission and our new Expert Team management platform. 2) The final steps to finish our own circuit board and the development of the ERC FINANCECLOUD API DEVICE 3) Funding, to prepare the ICO for our FOREXchain integration for FINANCECLOUD API and first contact with the BAFIN to get this ICO verified by the German banking regulation. EUROPECOIN: FINANCECLOUD PAPER: .

We are building the EUROPECOIN FINANCECLOUD API and last week we where mostly about "FOREXchain" (a function inside of the FINANCECLOUD API) when the EUROPEAN COMMISSIONs request kicked in and gave us two very busy weeks. Europecoin: Federated Blockchains:

First session with our new media partners, asking six quick and dirty questions. While developing our new cryptocurrency news network. INFO EUROPECOIN INFO FINANCECLOUD API EUROPECOIN BOOK ..